Body Puff


Erase The Cake double-sided Body Puff is clean, sustainable, reusable, recyclable, non-toxic and will leave your skin feeling silky-smooth. Our Body Puffs are antimicrobial and have antibacterial properties all wrapped up into one simple patented skincare solution.

All of our puffs are heat sealed. This creates a water-proof seal that will not allow bacteria and microbes to enter it, unlike other makeup removing puffs and cloths which have sewn fabric edging.

What it Does:
This Body Puff can be used to erase makeup, buff and polish the skin to reveal healthy looking skin. The Body Puff will gently exfoliate without creating micro-tears in the skin like many harsh loofahs and sponges can. Exfoliating with the Body Puff helps slough off dead skin to reveal a cleaner, clearer complexion, and won’t disrupt your skin’s pH! The Body Puff is also great to prep skin for self-tanner and helps scrub away mistakes and blotches.

How To Use:
Slip over your hand, wet your Erase The Cake Body Puff in warm water or use in the shower to gently buff, polish and exfoliate by using a circular motion on your entire body. Once you’re finished, rinse with soap and water and use the tag as a hook to hang dry. Magically reveals silky-smooth skin with ease. That’s the Power of the Puff!

Key Benefits:

  • Body Puff is made of 100% soft microfiber
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Lifetime usage
  • Machine washable

7 x 7

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