ETCU Starter Pack Bundle


Calling all university students! Now introducing our Erase The Cake University Program starter pack! Strut your stuff around campus showing your ETCU team spirit!

What's Included:

(1) ETCU Crewneck - Go team!

(1) ETCU Mini Notebook - Perfectly pocket-sized for all your ideas and dreams.

(1) ETC Scrunchie - Tie your hair up after class and relax with Erase The Cake!

(1) White Face Puff - Erase The Cake makeup removing Face Puff is sustainable, reusable, recyclable, non-toxic and replaces up to 300 makeup wipes. No more waste. No more mess. Gently removes all makeup, foundation, mascara, lipstick and more. Our Face Puffs are antimicrobial and have antibacterial properties all wrapped up into one simple patented skincare solution. 

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