Our Puffs have super-powers!

Have no fear, our POWER PUFFS are here! Creating sustainable skincare solutions that work for you and the environment is our mission and we made it happen! No more waste. No more mess. THAT'S THE POWER OF THE PUFF!

Erase The Cake™ Face & Body Puffs are...

Did you know...

The average makeup wearer uses 500-700 wipes a year!


Say GOODBYE to one use wipes and HELLO to Erase The Cake™ makeup removing Puffs replacing up to 300 wipes!

No more waste. no more mess.

우리는 지구를 사랑합니다! Erase Cake™는 재사용, 재활용 및 지속 가능합니다! 우리의 퍼프는 가장 순수한 성분인 물만 필요하기 때문에 환경에 안전하고 잔인하지 않으며 독성이 없으며 모든 피부 유형을 위한 깨끗한 스킨케어 솔루션입니다.